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Tech Talk discusses the circumstances under which a 403(b) plan may qualify for a safe harbor exemption and, therefore, not be subject to ERISA. READ MORE
Tech Talk discusses which agencies other than the Department of Labor and its Employee Benefits Security Administration have a role in regulating and overseeing 403(b) plans or investment options provided to participants. READ MORE
Social Security—often cited as a “third rail”—has been a staple of the retirement landscape for almost 90 years. But that doesn't mean that it’s free of misconceptions; in MarketBeat, John Iekel discusses a recent commentary that highlights some to avoid. READ MORE
Registration is open for the 2024 NTSA Summit! The conference—Feb. 25-27 in San Diego, CA—is the only industry event designed for 403(b) and 457(b) professionals. But that’s not all! It will include: Tailored general sessions, workshops, and up to 12 continuing education (CE) credits A... READ MORE
The Department of Labor (DOL) sent a new version of a proposed fiduciary rule to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) late Sept. 8 for review.   Known officially as “Conflict of Interest in Investment Advice,” it would redefine fiduciary investment advice under ERISA. According to a post on... READ MORE
Tech Talk discusses the kinds of 403(b) plans that are not subject to ERISA.  READ MORE
Taking action in advance to protect vital documents can be helpful when a disaster strikes, a principle that applies to retirement plans and administration as well as other records and functions, writes John Iekel in MarketBeat.  READ MORE
Compounding the problem of low financial literacy is “low longevity literacy,” or a lack of understanding of how long people tend to live in retirement, writes John Sullivan in MarketBeat. He discusses research that found that a staggering number of Americans display low longevity literacy, which... READ MORE
Tech Talk discusses the kinds of 403(b) plans that are covered by ERISA.  READ MORE
Recent research from the Investment Company Institute sought to answer two critical questions on which retirement policy is often based—how do the amount and compositions of spendable income for individuals change from middle to old age, writes John Sullivan in MarketBeat. READ MORE
Tech Talk discusses the Government Accountability Office’s observation that investment options are generally more limited for 403(b) plans than they are for other qualified retirement plans.  READ MORE
Tech Talk looks at a discussion by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) of service providers with which sponsors of 403(b) plans work. READ MORE
In MarketBeat, Nevin E. Adams, JD, writes that he has been getting a lot of … comments …about his version of “retirement,” and includes discussion of allocations of revenue from retirement funds and factors that affect them. READ MORE
Tech Talk discusses some of what the Government Accountability Office (GAO) has to say about fees for 403(b) plans, such as its finding that even seemingly small fees can significantly reduce participants’ retirement savings over time. READ MORE
A study reviews data from two databases to see how (if?) retirement expectations have been impacted by the experience of the COVID-19 pandemic, writes Nevin E. Adams, JD, in MarketBeat.  READ MORE
Reenrollment is not a new practice, but it is getting some new attention. In a recent podcast, Nevin E. Adams, JD, former Chief Content Officer at the American Retirement Association, and C. Frederick Reish, a partner in Faegre Drinker’s Benefits & Executive Compensation practice group,... READ MORE
Tech Talk addresses whether, and how, a 403(b) holder can take a loan from the account if the employer through which the 403(b) was started no longer exists. READ MORE
Plan costs and an uncertain economic outlook are driving plan sponsors to look to digital recordkeepers, representing an opportunity to solve a need and unexpectedly disrupt the market, writes John Sullivan in MarketBeat. He discusses a report that shows retirement plan sponsors face more cost... READ MORE
Voya Financial will serve as the recordkeeper for the new Secure Retirement 403(b) Pooled Employer Plan (PEP), the firm announced July 28. Launched by The Platinum 401k, Inc., the PEP apparently is the first 403(b) program to the market following enactment of the SECURE 2.0 Act late in 2022, which... READ MORE
Tech Talk discusses actions the IRS says one should take when an employer fails to give all employees an opportunity to make a salary deferral. READ MORE