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Tech Talk addresses whether an employer can continue to make contributions on behalf of a deceased employee in a 403(b) plan. READ MORE
There are plenty of people who don’t claim Social Security benefits “on time”—some do so “early,” and some “late.” In MarketBeat, John Iekel writes about a paper that suggests that it could be a good thing to adjust the way in which adjustments for early retirement and delayed retirement are made. READ MORE
Tech Talk discusses what surrender fees are and how they work. READ MORE
A growing awareness of their potential longer life is changing Americans’ expectations, attitudes and preparations, writes Ted Godbout in MarketBeat. He discusses a study that examines the changing definition of retirement, the patterns of people’s experience in retirement and the keys to thriving... READ MORE
Tech Talk addresses the fees 403(b) service providers charge, including administrative fees, fees for services incurred on an individual-participant basis, investment-related fees, asset-based investment fees, marketing and distribution fees, and trading and transaction fees. READ MORE
In MarketBeat, Nevin E. Adams, JD, in the interests of spurring some discussion (and perhaps a few thousand “clicks”), offers some thoughts on cryptocurrency and its (current) place within retirement plans. READ MORE
Citing the current lack of a “compelling policy objective that comports with the Department’s mandate,” the American Retirement Association has commented that the Labor Department shouldn’t call out climate-related risks for special attention.  The comments came in response to the Labor Department... READ MORE
If you’re serious about supporting plans and workers in the non-profit sector you can’t afford to miss out on the inaugural NAPA/NTSA ERISA 403(b) Advisor Conference. This unique conference is the only industry event designed specifically for expert advisors in the ERISA 403(b) space. Topics... READ MORE
Tech Talk discusses the service providers with which 403(b) sponsors work to handle one or more aspects of managing the plan. READ MORE
A survey found that after a year in which many consumers had to rely heavily on digital tools for their financial needs, self-reported “financial experts” use digital tools more often than others. Not only that, writes Ted Godbout in MarketBeat, a significant proportion of Americans say that access... READ MORE
The Retirement Income Consortium has launched—with the “shared goal of supporting greater access for workers to retirement income solutions”—and the American Retirement Association is a member. The Consortium, launched by Broadridge Financial Solutions, is focused on helping acceleration of the... READ MORE
Exercising fiduciary duty entails a variety of functions—including maintaining and periodically reviewing documents and documentation. In MarketBeat, John Iekel writes about a recent blog entry that reminds that documentation means more than just keeping documents. READ MORE
Tech Talk discusses investment options for 403(b) plans, which generally are more limited than they are for other qualified retirement plans. READ MORE
Bipartisan legislation backed by the American Retirement Association would allow the expenses associated with plan design changes to be reimbursed from plan assets. The Increasing Small Business Retirement Choices Act, introduced April 26 by Sens. Jacky Rosen (D-NV) and Tim Scott (R-SC), would... READ MORE
Tech Talk addresses what U.S. government agencies have a role in regulating and overseeing 403(b) plans or investment options provided to participants. READ MORE
Cyber criminals are as innovative as those who develop and refine the technology they manipulate—and now their targets include the retirement industry. John Iekel writes in MarketBeat about experts in a recent panel, and also in a report, who weighed in on the tricks those criminals use and... READ MORE
Today is your last chance to participate in NTSA's first 2022 Member Survey. This one concerns volunteerism, both in your community and as a corporate citizen, serving as an NTSA and industry representative in the best way possible. And in the process—think about volunteering with and for the... READ MORE
Tech Talk provides some examples of the kinds of 403(b) plans that are or are not covered by ERISA. READ MORE
Two items to contemplate today! 1. Let’s hear from you! Complete our first NTSA 2022 Member Survey at Tell us about your community involvement and considering NTSA volunteering, too. 2. Any ideas for Nominations for consideration for the NTSA Richard Ford... READ MORE
Join NTSA in congratulating Adam Pearce’s ongoing volunteerism with NTSA and his commitment to local community volunteerism. Pearce received the NTSA 2021 Richard Ford Volunteer Service Award for his lifetime service, both with NTSA and in Phoenix, AZ. “What I found on my journey with NTSA is that... READ MORE