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Strategic Partners

NTSA strategic partnerships are a cost-effective way for you to connect your business, producers, and employees to the leaders and ideas that drive the 403(b)/457 retirement plan industry. NTSA is the nation’s only independent, non-profit association dedicated to the 403(b) and 457(b) marketplace. The NTSA was formed in 1989 and has grown to include more than 3,200 practitioners, agencies, corporate and employer members. NTSA’s mission is to provide advocacy and high-quality professional education, technical support, and networking forums for all professionals in the 403(b) and 457(b) marketplace. NTSA is part of the American Retirement Association (ARA).

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Benefits of Strategic Partnerships


NTSA & ARA representation in State Capitals and Washington DC ensure regulatory initiatives at the federal and state level protect the industry, American workers and the plan professionals who serve them. Each year, Congress introduces 5,000+ bills for consideration. Simultaneously, state and local lawmakers introduce new policies that may conflict with federal or other state rules. This constant whirlwind of legislative activity makes compliance unrealistic, if not impossible. As a result, millions of 403(b)/457(b) participants can be adversely affected. NTSA tracks, analyzes, and distills these bills down to their core, presenting its membership with succinct calls to action, fighting for uniformity in state and local rules across the country, and flexibility to design benefits that suit the needs of a unique workforce.

NTSA advocacy includes:

  • ARA/NTSA Government Affairs Committee meets once a month to discuss recent developments at the regulatory and legislative levels, both state and federal, including sharing intelligence, coordinating official NTSA comments on regulatory actions by the IRS and DOL, and strategizing outreach to the wider membership about important events
  • NTSA Advocacy Resource Center (ARC)
    • Password-protected and searchable customized NTSA state legislative monitoring website for all of the NTSA advocacy initiatives
    • Thorough review and analysis on those priority state initiatives that could affect NTSA Partners
    • Timelines and procedural roadmaps for introduced proposals
    • Ongoing prioritization of all initiatives by state and by subject matter
    • Interactive prioritization tool to immediately alert you to bills that should be discussed for further feedback
    • Interactive notes section that immediately updates you with analysis and comments on the initiatives we are monitoring
    • Links for instant sharing of important bills, regulations, analysis, and comments via e-mail, Facebook and Twitter
    • Meeting notices for hearings on our bills and regulations
  • Regularly scheduled phone conferences with NTSA and the ARA governmental affairs team to discuss overall strategy, strategy refinement and the issues affecting NTSA Partners
  • Monthly reports on all of NTSA’s comment letters, bills as introduced and amended; as well as where they are in the legislative process
  • Quarterly governmental update webcasts to help you keep up with what’s going on
  • Grassroots campaigns through NTSA members and coalition partners
  • Local consultant engagement and management in each targeted state where the threat level is highest

Strategic Partners Council

NTSA Strategic Partners Council (SPC) is an exclusive leadership trade organization comprised of one senior executive from each Strategic Partner firm. On-site consulting events with NTSA/ARA leadership and policymakers in Washington, DC. NTSA SPC sets policy and state-level advocacy resource direction and priorities with regular opportunities for SPC members to contribute to comment letters and other weigh-ins on active legislation and regulations.

Associate Memberships

NTSA Strategic Partners receive up to 1,000 complimentary Associate Memberships valued at $495,500. Individual NTSA memberships are valued at $495 each annually. Your associates will benefit from NTSA business intelligence, technical experts, research, networking and educational forums. NTSA’s education mission is to provide high-quality, forward-thinking, diverse education opportunities for professional development, as well as technical support, focusing particularly on the K-12, higher education, governmental and health care segments, together with all non-profit organizations.

NTSA Member Benefits include:

  • Associate onboarding and educational programs through the NTSA Retirement Plan Academy.
  • NTSA Net web portal, access to research, state advocacy resource center, research, and business intelligence 24 hours a day.
  • Complimentary access to periodic NTSA industry-specific topical webcasts.
  • “Ask NTSA,” access to NTSA technical experts on 403(b) and 457(b) administration and marketing.
  • “403(b) Advisor,” our popular weekly e-newsletter providing insider industry news and breaking stories impacting plan advisors and plan professionals.
  • Discounted industry credentialing programs from NTSA Retirement Plan Academy, including the Tax-Exempt & Government Plan Consultant (TGPC) and Certified Plan Fiduciary Advisor (CPFA) credentials.
  • Discounted registration for the NTSA Summit. The NTSA Summit provides opportunities for attendees to gather as an industry to gain insight from top industry thought leaders. Attendees also have the opportunity to network with both exhibitors and peers to expand their business as well as to gain new ideas and insight.
  • An opportunity to be listed and profiled in on one of NTSA’s annual industry “Top” lists, including our Elite Advisor Registry.
  • Opportunity to serve and influence NTSA’s Volunteer Committees and working groups.


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