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Tech Talk discusses the rules governing 457 plan written documents. READ MORE
Employers looking to differentiate themselves and their benefit offerings — particularly in a tight labor market — continue to rely on nonqualified deferred compensation (NQDC) plans to make their benefits package more competitive, according to the latest survey of nonqualified plans by the Plan... READ MORE
Below is a table providing descriptions and effective dates for the key provisions contained in the SECURE 2.0 Act of 2022, which was enacted Dec. 29, 2022, as part of the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2023 (P.L. 117-328). Dec. 29, 2022, will now serve as the date of enactment (DOE), where... READ MORE
Tech Talk discusses the various types of fees plan service providers charge for different services. READ MORE
A 2022 survey once again highlighted a consistent regret among American workers, writes Nevin E. Adams, JD in MarketBeat. He continues that according to the survey by American Century Investments, they wish they had saved more for retirement. READ MORE
Amid a year filled with economic turmoil and a holiday season racking up credit card bills, Americans considering financial resolutions in the New Year are in good company, a new study suggests.   When looking back on 2022, nearly 9 in 10 (88%) Americans acknowledge room for improvement in their... READ MORE
Tech Talk discusses service providers that sponsors of 403(b) plans may hire to handle one or more aspects of managing the plan. READ MORE
It’s ironic that programs designed to provide retirement income pay so little attention to the realization of that objective, writes Nevin E. Adams, JD in MarketBeat. Still, he continues, some have said that this could be the year for retirement income — a combination of new offerings, volatile... READ MORE
There are 92 provisions in the new SECURE 2.0 Act — and by at least one assessment, they are “almost universally good, with ‘good’ being defined as ‘helpful to the cause of promoting retirement security.’” Group Plan Systems’ Pete Swisher and Cherisha Chapman rank the Top 10 Impact Provisions — and... READ MORE
Tech Talk discusses federal and state agencies aside from the Department of Labor’s Employee Benefits Security Administration that have a role in regulating and overseeing 403(b) plans or investment options provided to participants. READ MORE
Actuaries and mathematicians will tell us that the “actuarial cost” of any annuity you may purchase is effectively the same, no matter what sort of annuity you purchase, writes Robert Toth in MarketBeat. After all, he continues, your life expectancy is what it is; the interest rates are what they... READ MORE
With inflation very much in the headlines, it should come as no surprise that true love costs a lot more this year. And by “true love,” we mean the cost of the items recounted in that holiday classic, “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” at least as tabulated in PNC's 39th annual Christmas Price Index... READ MORE
Tech Talk discusses seven main areas to address if one is notified by the IRS that a 457(b) plan is under audit by letter or phone call followed by an official letter. READ MORE
Why might a small employer not have a retirement plan in place? In MarketBeat, John Iekel writes about the insights a retirement services professional offers regarding what obstacles give small employers pause and how they may address those concerns. READ MORE
Tech Talk offers some administrative best practices for a third party administrator, product provider, or plan sponsor in following the rules concerning 403(b) distributions. READ MORE
Most of the attempts to affix a value to having an advisor tend to focus on investment returns or cost savings, writes Nevin E. Adams in MarketBeat. He continues that both are valid, objective measures that can have a real, substantive impact on retirement security — but, at least with the best... READ MORE
The current focus for this Congress may be on SECURE 2.0, but legislators from both parties and both houses of Congress have introduced a new retirement savings bill. The Retirement Savings for Americans Act was introduced by U.S. Senators John Hickenlooper (D-CO) and Thom Tillis (R-NC), and... READ MORE
Tech Talk discusses a variety of tips the IRS offers that are relevant to audits in the context of aggregation of 403(b) plans. READ MORE
It sometimes helps to go back to the basics when assessing the impact of changes to the law, including some of the most seemingly obscure of them, writes Robert Toth in MarketBeat. He continues that one of the most obscure of 403(b) rules lies in the structural difference between 403(b) and 401(a)... READ MORE
NTSA honors its 2023 Elite Advisors: Kelly A. Larkin, CFP®; Kelly A. Larkin; Seattle, WA Mitch Melan; Melan Financial; Atlanta, GA Jennifer Prosise, CFP®, CRES®; Voyager Group, Ltd.; Joliet, IL Rian A. Steinbiss, AIF®, CRES®; Clearpath Wealth Partners, LLC; Marlton, NJ Donald E. Wade, CFP®,... READ MORE