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Three Ways to Improve Client Engagement and Increase Sales

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Available until June 11, 2020
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Speaker: Edward Dressel, President and Owner of RetireReady Solutions

Differentiate yourself from your competitors in the way that is most meaningful to your clients: engage them about retirement planning. Edward Dressel, President of RetireReady Solutions, shares the key differentiators and three ways advisors can start implementing it today. Advisors following these simple suggestions are engaging clients and growing their practice as a result.

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A Tech-Driven Approach to Advice

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Available until May 29, 2019

Speaker: Tom Lakatos, VP – Branch Development

Have you been wrestling with the idea of introducing technology into your practice? Do you spend too much time traveling from client to client and know there has to be another way that would enable you to be more efficient? Are you concerned that shifting to technology will come at the cost of relationship and results? Are you worried that your model isn’t friendly to younger investors? Join Tom Lakatos, VP-Branch Development as he discusses how to integrate technology in a way that doesn’t sacrifice effectiveness for efficiency. Tom has built a team of NextGen advisors focused on developing an advisory relationship via virtual engagement. Tom has 12 advisors at Lincoln Investment working with over 20,000 clients and 600m+ in AUM. The model is entirely virtual and built around financial planning and Tom will walk you through the way his team operates and share ideas and best practices as you consider your approach.

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Business Succession for Advisers Considering Retirement

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Available until May 31, 2019
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Speaker:  Ron Culverson, First VP, Sales; and Kevin Twohy, Regional First VP, Partner Development, PlanMember Securities

Do you have a personal retirement plan in place for yourself… a real one, that includes answers to “who, where, when, and how?” Though most advisers won’t admit it, the “clock is ticking” on their own personal timing to develop a quality succession plan. Industry research shows that over 50 percent of financial professionals do not have an executable succession plan in place for themselves. Led by industry veterans in adviser succession, this webcast provides specific details and resources to understand the nuances and challenges related to adviser succession, and how to confidently develop and/or complete your own succession plan.

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Summer 2018 Advocacy Update

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Available until July 11, 2019
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Speaker: Joseph A. Caruso III, J.D., M.S.P.P.M., Government Affairs Counsel, American Retirement Association

The NTSA Summer 2018 Advocacy Update covers key legislative and regulatory developments at the state and federal level. At the federal level, discuss the Retirement Enhancement and Savings Act, the Automatic Retirement Plan Act, the DOL’s Conflict of Interest Rule, and the Securities and Exchange Commission’s proposed Regulation Best Interest. At the state-level, address four categories of legislation: automatic enrollment, pension reform, open 403(b) provider access and standard of care.

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IRS Audits: A Necessary Evil

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Available until November 13, 2019
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Speaker: Ed Salyers, QPA, CPA

This webcast discusses how IRS audits increase business for professionals. The IRS is continuing to do more with less funding, thus changing the audit process. Learn how these changes impact your clients. Discuss the most common operational errors for each type of deferred compensation plan and how to correct the errors. Focus on the best IRS audit practices for preparation, corrections and how to mitigate audit risk.

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Fall 2018 Advocacy Update

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Available until December 12, 2019
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Speaker: Andrew Remo, Director of Legislative Affairs, American Retirement Association

Join us as the nation’s only independent, non-profit association dedicated to the 403(b) and 457(b) marketplace reports on legislative and regulatory developments impacting your business. We will cover pending state and federal legislation, as well as developments from key federal agencies, including the IRS, DOL and SEC.

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What's New that Affects You?

Available until January 9, 2020
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Speaker: Susan D. Diehl, QPA, President, PenServ Plan Services, Inc.

2019 has started and we are only about 14 months away from the deadline for all 403(b) employers to restate their plans. 2018 was one of those years where we saw many changes and clarifications from both IRS and DOL. We received proposed regulations on changes in hardship distribution rules; guidance on the famous 403(b) rule “once-in, always in;” EPCU projects relating to 403(b)s and distributions; and a big uptick in IRS audits! This webcast covers hot topics in the 403(b)/457 industry and includes regulatory updates, as well as refresher topics on subjects that generate frequently asked questions through TechTalk, and what the IRS has been looking at in audits. Hold on to your hats; this webcast promises to be a fast rollercoaster ride!

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NTSA Retirement Education Program

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Available until February 7, 2020
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Speakers: Tamara Indianer, CFP®, AIF®, Regional Vice President, New England, Lincoln Investment Planning; William J. Fisher, Director of Business Development, PenServ Plan Services; Paul R. Prete, AIF, Director of Retirement Plans, Foresters Financial Services; and Adam W. Pearce, CFP®, Retirement Professional, Lincoln Investment Planning

NTSA is launching a national initiative to improve retirement literacy for public educators, aimed at advancing retirement security and 403(b) participation rates in America’s schools. Come be one of the first to learn about this exciting new program that includes: plan sponsor education resources, advisor solutions for overcoming school access, an advisor certification and registration program, and classroom retirement educational resources. Our panel, led by NTSA Immediate Past President Tamara Indianer, will preview the program in its entirety and present case studies on how this initiative is making a difference where it matters most.

To register for the complimentary on-demand recording for NTSA members only: If you would like to view the on-demand webcast recording starting February 8, 2019 and ending February 9, 2020, you will be able to access it through your NTSA My Learning Activities account. Registration for on-demand recorded webcast includes unlimited viewing of the webcast recording to play any time before the one-year expiration date, the webcast outline and any additional presentation materials.

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