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Practice Management

White Papers & Research


NTSA  The Value of Choice 

Public School Business Officials are regularly approached by consultants and others in the retirement industry about changing their multiple provider 403(b) plan to a single provider structure.


NTSA 403(b) Plan Enhancement Guide 

This paper extends the work of NTSA’s 2018 survey of public education 403(b) retirement plans to offer suggestions on how to further improve the 403(b) benefit and encourage greater employee participation and savings.


2019 Value of an Advisor Study - How Can Tax-Smart Advisors Provide Maximum Value? 

This 2019 annual report looks holistically at the real value advisors deliver for their clients, in their portfolios, in vital services advisors provide, and this year, especially in their after-tax returns.


Improving Retirement Savings for America’s Public Educators

This 2018 NTSA white paper examines the impact of participant choice of investment providers in 403(b) plans, and further looks at the extent to which school district employees want choices in their 403(b) plans and the positive impact choice has on participation and savings rates.