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New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (D) has signed legislation establishing a state-run retirement savings plan for private-sector employees whose employers do not offer a retirement plan. Murphy signed the bill establishing the New Jersey Secure Choice Savings Program into law on March 28. The state... READ MORE
Today the Plan Sponsor Council of America (PSCA), part of the American Retirement Association (ARA), launches a new and innovative education program and credential: the Certified Plan Sponsor Professional (CPSP™). Developed by plan sponsors in collaboration with education experts at ARA and some... READ MORE
While noting that the case “presents novel legal questions concerning state-mandated retirement savings accounts,” and “implicates a significant body of judicial and regulatory interpretations of ERISA,” a federal judge has ruled – for the moment – that California’s state-run auto IRA retirement... READ MORE
Sometimes whether news is good or bad depends on one’s perspective. Case in point: the Government Accountability Office (GAO) has updated its 2015 report on retirement security and savings in households headed by people approaching retirement age. The updated report contains fodder for optimists... READ MORE
Testifying at a March 27 Capitol Hill hearing on behalf of the American Retirement Association, ASPPA member Martella A. Turner-Joseph encouraged members of Congress to enact comprehensive legislation to expand American workers’ access to workplace retirement plans. Turner-Joseph, an enrolled... READ MORE
Editor’s Note: This is an occasional feature in the NTSA Advisor. It is drawn from The Source, a book that covers technical, compliance, administrative and marketing aspects of the 403(b) and 457(b) markets. More information about The Source is available here. It is important to note that ERISA... READ MORE
VALIC, the retirement plan provider that implemented the first 403(b) plan for a public school, has announced that it will now be known as AIG Retirement Services. VALIC first made a 403(b) plan available to a public school in 1964. It provides retirement plans for healthcare, K-12, higher... READ MORE
Over the past few years, the financial advisory profession has seen an emergence of a new class of clientele. This client is hard to describe, in that the client is neither fully working, nor fully retired. This client might be using some, but not all, of their retirement earnings. They are pre-... READ MORE
A retirement plan offered under Internal Revenue Code Section 457(b) permits certain employers or employees to contribute money for retirement on a tax-deferred basis, subject to annual limits the IRS sets. In MarketBeat, John Iekel discusses a recent newsletter by a human resources and employee... READ MORE
A plan says that a participant’s initial election shall be in installments, but upon severance a participant wishes to transfer their amount to another non-governmental 457(b). In Tech Talk, Susan Diehl tells us whether such a lump sum transfer request overrides the installment election or whether... READ MORE
You know your clients – but how well do you know yourself?   As leaders and as women, we all strive to improve, and, like many of you, I have spent considerable time on self-awareness during my career in financial services. Along the way, I’ve been challenged to understand and define my leadership... READ MORE
Regardless of political affiliation, large majorities of Americans believe the nation faces a retirement crisis and are largely supportive of state efforts to expand coverage, recent survey results show.  Findings contained in the National Institute on Retirement Security’s “Retirement Insecurity... READ MORE
The Pacific Rim, a place where it’s a bit less unusual than others for new land to explode into existence, is adding to the state-sponsored retirement plans earthquake. Add Hawaii and Washington to the states whose legislatures have or are considering legislation that would create state-sponsored... READ MORE
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is considering amendments to cybersecurity rules that could have an impact on retirement plan professionals. The FTC voted 3-2 to propose amendments to the Standards for Safeguarding Customer Information, which became effective on 2003 and requires that financial... READ MORE
A plan audit need not be unpleasant, and there are steps that can be taken to prepare for one and make it a smoother experience. In MarketBeat, John Iekel discusses a recent blog entry that offers suggestions regarding what can be done to prepare for a plan audit and avoid making errors. READ MORE
In Tech Talk, Susan Diehl tells us whether it is still the case that participants in non-governmental 457(b) top hat plans are allowed one election to change their benefit commencement date. READ MORE
It’s no surprise to those in the investment industry that the increasing life expectancy of Americans has put some pressure on defined benefit plans because they are being required to pay out more in benefits than was originally anticipated by the actuaries. In an attempt to protect their plans and... READ MORE
Editor’s Note: This is an occasional feature in the NTSA Advisor. It is drawn from The Source, a book that covers technical, compliance, administrative and marketing aspects of the 403(b) and 457(b) markets. More information about The Source is available here. An integral element of the 403(b) and... READ MORE
Save the date! The 2020 NTSA Summit will be held Jan. 26-28, 2020 in Denver, CO. And you can help set the agenda! After you save the date for the 2020 NTSA Summit, be sure to rank and contribute topics that could help shape the conference. We launched an innovative online polling tool to compile... READ MORE
A top fear in retirement is out-of-control healthcare costs, but a new survey finds few business owners fully understand the benefits and operations of health savings accounts (HSAs). More than half of business owners (55%) consider healthcare costs to be the biggest expense for those in... READ MORE