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The Oregon State Treasury reports that OregonSaves, the state-run auto-IRA program for private-sector employees whose employers do not offer a retirement plan, continues to grow in registrations and assets. According to the Treasury, the number of employers registered with OregonSaves  and the... READ MORE
On Thursday, Feb. 7, the NTSA will be holding a complimentary on-demand recording for NTSA members only. It will concern the national initiative the NTSA is launching to improve retirement literacy for public educators, aimed at advancing retirement security and 403(b) participation rates in... READ MORE
It seems to me that our industry has rewarded us all well when serving our clients throughout the years. The same landscape is changing as we face technological advances, the demand for greater regulatory oversight, and the compression of our market space. I believe it was Bob Dylan1 who recorded... READ MORE
House Ways & Means Committee Chairman Richie Neal (D-MA) announced Jan. 30 that the committee will hold a hearing on Feb. 6 on improving retirement security for America’s workers. It is anticipated that the hearing will be the first of many focusing on retirement security issues, eventually... READ MORE
The parties in the Duke University 403(b) suit have a homework assignment from the judge in the case. Very recently, the terms of the settlement in the case of Clark v. Duke University were announced – a $10,650,000 cash settlement and a series of changes in plan administration. The suit was one... READ MORE
Clients’ expectations have changed. And that is in part explained, and fueled by, technology. In a Jan. 29 session of the NTSA 30th Anniversary Summit in Tampa, FL, Lincoln Investment Vice President of Branch Development Tom Lakatos offered his insights on this development. Lakatos was definitive... READ MORE
Retirement plans — and the opportunity to serve them and their participants and beneficiaries — are not limited to pensions, 401(k)s and 403(b)s. They also entail 457(b) plans — a market that offers fresh opportunity. And it’s a sizable opportunity, NTSA Executive Director Brent Neese observed at... READ MORE
Four NTSA leaders – Tamara Indianer of Lincoln Investment, Bill Fisher of Penserv, Paul Prete of Foresters Financial and I – introduced the NTSA Certified Retirement Education Specialist (CRES) initiative at a Jan. 28 session of the organization’s 30th Anniversary Summit in Tampa. The CRES will be... READ MORE
NTSA Executive Director Brent Neese offered a look at the state of the retirement industry at a Jan. 28 session of the NTSA 30th Anniversary Summit. The first people to establish 401(k)s after they became available are beginning to retire, Neese noted, and remarked, “Things don’t look so good. “... READ MORE
The political climate has changed and this necessitates some new approaches, American Retirement Association (ARA) CEO Brian Graff indicated in remarks at a Jan. 28 session at the 2019 30th Anniversary NTSA Summit in Tampa, FL. Graff attributed the results of the November 2018 elections not only to... READ MORE
The winners of the 2019 NTSA Elite Advisor Award, as well as the winner of the Bob D. Schiller Award, were honored on Jan. 28 in a ceremony at the NTSA 30th Anniversary Summit in Tampa, FL. 2019 Elite Advisors The winners were chosen from among 12 finalists. Former NTSA President Randy Aranowitz... READ MORE
  At a Jan. 27 workshop session at the 30th Anniversary NTSA Summit, Lisa Greenwald, Executive Vice President of Greenwald & Associates, led an insightful and practical session on how plan advisors can help Millennials address their financial challenges. Greenwald delivered a comprehensive look... READ MORE
Kristine Coffey, CPC, CPFA, assumed the presidency of the National Tax-Deferred Savings Association (NTSA) at the opening session of the 30th Anniversary NTSA Summit held in Tampa, FL Jan. 27-29. She is the 24th NTSA President. Coffey was elected to the NTSA Leadership Council in 2016 and is Of... READ MORE
Pension plans — such as traditional plans serving teachers — are facing multiple challenges. Former NTSA President Kent Schutte, speaking at a Jan. 27 session of the 30th Anniversary NTSA Summit, offered a solution: auto-enrollment and employer matching contributions to 403(b) plans. Schutte... READ MORE
Today the NTSA is rebranding our weekly publication for our membership. Known since its launch in 2014 as the 403(b) Advisor, it will now be known as the NTSA Advisor.  This change reflects the NTSA’s broader focus to support all tax-exempt workplace savings solutions, which include ERISA and Non-... READ MORE
Like water poured on the top of a hill whose reach is quick and hard to control, the stalemate in Washington is spreading beyond what’s reported on the nightly news. Add retirement plan administration to the list of everyday functions that are now feeling the impacts. The most predictable effect,... READ MORE
Legislation has been introduced in the Bay State that would expand the Commonwealth’s auto-IRA program for private sector workers and establish a 401(k) parallel, with an employer mandate. The first bill, SD 1902, introduced by state senator Patricia D. Jehlen, establishes the Massachusetts Secure... READ MORE
The IRS on Jan. 21 issued the instructions for the Form 5329, Additional Taxes on Qualified Plans (Including IRAs) and Other Tax-Favored Accounts to be used in reporting concerning benefits and distributions from 2018. Employers, plan administrators and retirement plan professionals may find it a... READ MORE
In MarketBeat, Lynn Knight presents Part II of a two-part series on this IRS relief. This installment focuses on relief provided under Notice 2018-95, in which the IRS provides relief to plan sponsors who improperly excluded part-time employees from participating in their 403(b) plan. READ MORE
You have a client that is struggling with their top-hat group. In Tech Talk, Susan Diehl addresses whether the client can allocate 0%  to a non-performing executive or exclude the non-performing executive altogether. READ MORE