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Nathan Glassey

Hello all! Welcome to a new monthly series, Nate’s Notes. In order to keep you all apprised of what is taking place at the NTSA, I’m going to share an update on where I’ve been and what the NTSA has been doing. For my inaugural note, I’m writing from the airplane on my way to the Massachusetts... READ MORE
The options for retirement plans amongst governmental and tax-exempt employers are numerous. There is such a wide range of opportunities that it can be difficult to navigate when to use each of the different options and when to pair them with other available plans.  How do we help our plan... READ MORE
Among the numerous changes that have taken place throughout the last year, the CARES Act added an additional level of complexity to an already complicated retirement universe. The addition of Coronavirus-related distributions (CRDs) provides participants with the ability to repay qualified... READ MORE
In 2019, the Hawaii State Department of Education (HIDOE) began a project with National Benefit Services (NBS) to strengthen retirement plan education in the state. This project was started with many circumstances in mind, one of which was the decline in participation in the HIDOE’s 403(b) plan... READ MORE