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All 403(b) plans require some level of administrative support. Prior to the issuance of the final 403(b) regulations, most ERISA-exempt 403(b) plan sponsors performed some tasks required to establish and support their 403(b) programs and the product providers acted under their respective annuity... READ MORE
Tech Talk suggests why the administrator of a plan that allows a one-time election to postpone a distribution would not approve it.   READ MORE
If you’re like me, when I hear the word “networking,” I get a little nervous. It brings up visions of women frantically sticking their business cards in my face and giving me their elevator pitches at some organized luncheon. I prefer the terms, “connecting and collaborating”, because that is what... READ MORE
The times they are a-changin’. At an exciting — and, perhaps in some ways terrifying — pace. But in order to compete, one must embrace and employ the dazzling attributes and developments of our dizzying age. Joey Coleman, Chief Experience Composer of the Design Symphony recently shared his insights... READ MORE
“After vigorous advocacy and negotiation,” the parties in a 403(b) university excessive fee suit have come to terms. The settlement – stuck between participant-plaintiffs Diane G. Short, Judith Daviau and Joseph Barboza and Brown University – consists of a $3.5 million cash payment and “other,... READ MORE
How would you respond in the below scenario? Imagine that the United States is preparing for the outbreak of an unusual disease, which is expected to kill 600 people. Two alternative programs to combat the disease have been proposed. Assume that the exact scientific estimates of the consequences... READ MORE
Clients’ expectations have changed. And that is in part explained, and fueled by, technology. In a Jan. 29 session of the NTSA 30th Anniversary Summit in Tampa, FL, Lincoln Investment Vice President of Branch Development Tom Lakatos offered his insights on this development. Lakatos was definitive... READ MORE
Financial advisors, representatives and educators often find themselves sitting across the table from people who are confused, scared and uncertain what to do. The experience can feel like that of a lifeguard perched above a swimmer whose arms and legs thrash in an attempt to keep their head above... READ MORE
K-12 educators are better prepared for retirement if they work with a licensed financial professional, says a recent white paper. The researchers found that with advice, the 403(b) plan participants studied achieved higher retirement plan balances, made better decisions and had greater confidence... READ MORE
MarketBeat discusses a blog post about best practices in which ERISA attorney Fred Reish explores retirement income projections as a way to better serve plan participants. And he cites the 403(b) market as among those such information can serve. READ MORE
Years ago, the watchword was that the IRS was making an effort to be kinder and gentler. Many may want to debate that, but the IRS does perform functions intended to be helpful — and a Nov. 14 NTSA webcast discussed one of them. In “IRS Audits: A Necessary Evil,” Ed Salyers, who was a longtime... READ MORE
As practices grow, the time and distance between clients and their service providers can grow as well. Technology can help bridge those gaps, Bill Fisher writes in MarketBeat, discussing ideas for doing just that. READ MORE
The price of recordkeeping services is not uniform; it can vary depending on type of retirement plan. A blog entry discusses why pricing for 403(b)s is different than that for 401(k)s. In “The Differences Between 403(b) and 401(k) Pricing,” Michael Webb of Cammack Retirement offers some... READ MORE
Editor’s Note: ERISA Tips is a feature provided with you in mind — to make the newsletter more useful to you! If you have any content for ERISA Tips or the 403(b) Advisor that you would like to contribute or suggest, please contact John Iekel, editor of the 403(b) Advisor, at jiekel@usaretirement.... READ MORE
What do you do if things have changed a great deal since you entered the financial services industry? In MarketBeat, Brad Corbin argues that one way to adapt to the changing world of the 403(b) is to take control of it by careful business planning and disciplined implementation, and outlines a four... READ MORE
Editor’s Note: ERISA Tips is provided with you in mind — to make the newsletter more useful to you! If you have any content for ERISA Tips or the 403(b) Advisor that you would like to contribute or suggest, please contact John Iekel, editor of the 403(b) Advisor, at This... READ MORE
As a 403(b) advisor, if you’re able to implement a set of best practices in the plans you serve, then everyone wins: you, the employer and the existing participants. In MarketBeat, Jim Phillips offers simple, practical ideas he argues will improve an advisor’s value in a crowded 403(b) marketplace... READ MORE
Suppose you’re a young advisor looking for any way to build my business — or a not-so-young advisor who wants to do the same thing. In MarketBeat, George Webber argues that seminar presentations are a great way to market your services and offers tips for using them. READ MORE
An upcoming NTSA webcast will take a closer look at business succession for advisers who are considering retiring.Thursday, May 31, 2018 2:00-2:50 p.m. ET Speaker: Ron Culverson, First VP, Sales; and Kevin Twohy, Regional First VP, Partner Development, PlanMember Securities Do you have a personal... READ MORE
In MarketBeat, Bill Fisher, Chairman of the NTSA Professional Education Committee sat down with Jerry Miletics of AXA Advisors, LLC to talk about advocacy and practice development. The result illustrates how they are connected, and how it really is all about relationships. READ MORE