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The Student Loan Payment Matching Contribution provision in SECURE 2.0 is one of the most asked-about new features in the law. This is particularly true among our public education clients who are looking for ways to attract and retain teachers, which continues to be a problem for districts... READ MORE
Registration is open for the 2024 NTSA Summit! The conference—Feb. 25-27 in San Diego, CA—is the only industry event designed for 403(b) and 457(b) professionals. But that’s not all! It will include: Tailored general sessions, workshops, and up to 12 continuing education (CE) credits A... READ MORE
Taking action in advance to protect vital documents can be helpful when a disaster strikes, a principle that applies to retirement plans and administration as well as other records and functions, writes John Iekel in MarketBeat.  READ MORE
Think you’ve taken care of everything with your 457 plan? Maybe you have—but maybe you haven’t.  In the second of a two-part series in the Trucker Huss “The Benefit of Benefits” blog, Scott E. Galbreath discusses more common mistakes he has encountered in 457 plans that exempt organizations (EOs)... READ MORE
The month of August has come and gone. This may be one of the slower months of the year when it comes to legislative activities: there are currently only eight states whose legislatures are in session and Congress is on recess for the month. BUT—that didn’t stop us from moving some things forward... READ MORE
Robinhood’s bid to undo the Bay State’s fiduciary rule holding broker-dealers to the same standard as investment advisers hit a roadblock after the state’s high court reversed a lower court’s ruling that the Massachusetts Secretary of Commonwealth lacked authority to adopt the rule. The Aug. 25... READ MORE
Running any employee benefit plan entails following certain rules—and it is always possible that at some point, a mistake will be made in running a plan. An expert offers his observations regarding mistakes that tax-exempt organizations (EOs) make with their 457(b) plans.  In a recent entry in the... READ MORE
The IRS on Aug. 21 issued an update to the 2022-2023 priority guidance plan, which still includes plans to take action relevant to 403(b)s. The IRS had released the initial plan on Nov. 4, 2022, setting forth guidance priorities for the 12-month period from July 1, 2022, through June 30, 2023 (the... READ MORE
Tech Talk discusses the Government Accountability Office’s observation that investment options are generally more limited for 403(b) plans than they are for other qualified retirement plans.  READ MORE
Tech Talk looks at a discussion by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) of service providers with which sponsors of 403(b) plans work. READ MORE
Born from 1997 to 2012, Generation Zers have often been called the most ethnically diverse generation who have grown up entirely with modern technology. But as they begin to enter the workforce, what impact will they have on the retirement industry and what expectations do they bring to the table... READ MORE
They may be on almost completely opposite ends of the country, but Colorado and Maine are cooperating in offering retirement plan coverage to their citizens.  Colorado Secure Savings program and the Maine Retirement Investment Trust (MERIT) on Aug. 11 established a partnership to provide... READ MORE
Tech Talk discusses some of what the Government Accountability Office (GAO) has to say about fees for 403(b) plans, such as its finding that even seemingly small fees can significantly reduce participants’ retirement savings over time. READ MORE
Reenrollment is not a new practice, but it is getting some new attention. In a recent podcast, Nevin E. Adams, JD, former Chief Content Officer at the American Retirement Association, and C. Frederick Reish, a partner in Faegre Drinker’s Benefits & Executive Compensation practice group,... READ MORE
Plan costs and an uncertain economic outlook are driving plan sponsors to look to digital recordkeepers, representing an opportunity to solve a need and unexpectedly disrupt the market, writes John Sullivan in MarketBeat. He discusses a report that shows retirement plan sponsors face more cost... READ MORE
The biggest surprise of Missy Matrangola’s tenure as 2023 President of the American Retirement Association’s Board of Directors?   “The variety that comes with it—we talk about legislation, conferences, budget, etc.,” she said. “And also, the fact that being the president of the American... READ MORE
Tech Talk discusses actions the IRS says one should take when an employer fails to give all employees an opportunity to make a salary deferral. READ MORE
The damage an overreliance on financial jargon can do to participant confidence and, by extension, a retirement professional’s business is well-documented, writes John Sullivan in MarketBeat. He continues that a new survey brings it into stark relief yet again. READ MORE
The NTSA 2024 Elite Advisor Awards nominations are open—but for just one day more! Nominate NTSA Financial Advisors with these attributes: best of the best innovative, unique, profound, successful educated, experienced, community-minded professionals specific, outstanding, unique... READ MORE
Cybersecurity—and its importance to retirement plans and savings—are top of mind. In MarketBeat, John Iekel covers Assistant Secretary of Labor Lisa M. Gomez’s suggestions on reducing the risk of fraud or loss to a retirement account. READ MORE