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Financial Literacy

If you are anything like me, when someone mentions Millennials, your thoughts range from a snicker to cringe, thinking that the fate of the free world will lie in their hands. I mean, there is no way that they are as competent or capable as the Baby Boomers or even Gen-xers, right? However, my... READ MORE
There are many pieces to the puzzle that is retirement security. In MarketBeat, John Iekel discusses the suggestion of a benefits institute that one of them is the behavior of plan participants and that working with, and influencing, that can help put pieces in place. READ MORE
Recent research shows that retirement plan participants are among those who prefer communication that is not riddled with jargon and “inside” terms that are familiar to plan providers, sponsors and administrators but mean little to those whom the plans serve. In MarketBeat, John Iekel discusses a... READ MORE
The NTSA Certified Retirement Education Specialist (CRES) initiative has been launched, and a complimentary, members-only webcast on Feb. 7 featured a panel discussion about the new program. Panelists included Tamara Indianer of Lincoln Investment; Adam Pearce, also of Lincoln Investment; Bill... READ MORE
The Senate Special Committee on Aging in a Feb. 6 hearing, “Financial Security in Retirement: Innovations and Best Practices to Promote Savings,” listened to ideas from a panel of experts on how to increase retirement savings and enhance Americans’ financial readiness to retire. “As Americans live... READ MORE
On Thursday, Feb. 7, the NTSA will be holding a complimentary on-demand recording for NTSA members only. It will concern the national initiative the NTSA is launching to improve retirement literacy for public educators, aimed at advancing retirement security and 403(b) participation rates in... READ MORE
Four NTSA leaders – Tamara Indianer of Lincoln Investment, Bill Fisher of Penserv, Paul Prete of Foresters Financial and I – introduced the NTSA Certified Retirement Education Specialist (CRES) initiative at a Jan. 28 session of the organization’s 30th Anniversary Summit in Tampa. The CRES will be... READ MORE
Editor’s Note: ERISA Tips is a feature provided with you in mind — to make the newsletter more useful to you! If you have any content for ERISA Tips or the 403(b) Advisor that you would like to contribute or suggest, please contact John Iekel, editor of the 403(b) Advisor, at jiekel@usaretirement.... READ MORE
“I would encourage caution among policymakers when considering dramatic changes to retirement policy for tax policy purposes,” former Sen. Kent Conrad (D-ND) told the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs’ Subcommittee on Economic Policy on April 5.“As tax reform discussions... READ MORE
The great majority of people face financial stresses of some kind, and that includes retirees. A recent article takes a look at some of the key challenges they face and their impact on retirement benefits.In “Retirees at Risk: Five Key Challenges Retirees Face and the Impact on Their Retirement... READ MORE
Employer-provided retirement benefits in general are holding steady, according to the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM). In “2016 Employee Benefits: Looking Back at 20 Years of Employee Benefits Offerings in the U.S.,” SHRM reports that some aspects of employer-provided retirement... READ MORE
“Act your age!” An admonishment usually reserved for young people, but not exclusively. T. Rowe Price recently developed a way for individuals to find determine if they act their retirement savings age. And interestingly, they found that the most retirement-savvy generation may be — of all things... READ MORE
Employers are required to provide meaningful opportunity to employees to participate in their 403(b) plans or make contribution changes — and that includes low-income employees. In MarketBeat, Ellie Lowder discusses how the saver’s tax credit can help make it possible for those employees to... READ MORE
The Financial Services Roundtable recently hosted an event on Capitol Hill that amounted to a retirement counseling session for Millennials working in Congress.Headlining the event was the youngest woman ever elected to Congress, Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-N.Y.). A freshman member first elected in 2014... READ MORE
The Baby Boom is beginning to pass the torch to succeeding generations, at least in the work force. And while the next generation after them may be Generation X, it’s the Millennials who are generating the most attention, due to their sheer numbers if nothing else. Their growing prominence means... READ MORE
A new survey finds that most workers strongly disagree with the statement, “My employer is responsible for providing for my retirement.”The study, “Investor Mindset: Attitudes, Concerns, Beliefs & Goals,” one of 10 sections of the Hearts & Wallets’ 2015 Investor Quantitative Database, not... READ MORE
Suppose the local school districts do not provide or even allow education of staff on financial matters. In Tech Talk, Ellie Lowder makes an offer regarding info such an employer can be provided on why that is important. READ MORE
In nearly half of the states, state pension benefits have changed —  often in a way that reduces them. This not only hurts retirement accounts and income, it also heightens a sense of urgency in boosting participation in 403(b)s and 457(b)s in order to bolster employees’ savings. One of the ways to... READ MORE