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Editor’s Note: this is the second in a two-part series on what can be done to help those who about to retire or already have to better prepare to finance their retirements. Part one is here.  “There are no quick, simple solutions” in encouraging pre-retirees and retirees make decisions that will... READ MORE
Tech Talk discusses the comments by Gerri Walsh, President of the FINRA Investor Education Foundation, that individuals with high financial literacy are more likely to demonstrate positive financial. READ MORE
A new study finds signs of improvement in the U.S. adult population’s financial capability, writes Ted Godbout in MarketBeat. He notes that the FINRA Investor Education Foundation’s triennial National Financial Capability Study shows that by many measures U.S. adults generally fared better in 2021... READ MORE
While Americans worried most about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021, they now see rising inflation as the biggest risk to their retirement plans.  According to Allianz Life’s annual New Year’s Resolutions Study, nearly half (48%) of respondents identified the pandemic as the most... READ MORE
Institutional investors are expressing confidence in the projected market conditions of 2022, but they also think individual investors are carelessly speculating on high-risk investments.  In fact, nearly half of institutional investors expect economic growth to return to pre-COVID levels in 2022... READ MORE
We want your ideas! Help us create an agenda for the 2022 NTSA Summit! Using our interactive online voting tool, you can send us your ideas for session topics or vote for suggestions already submitted. Here’s how it works: The voting tool will present two session ideas for you to pick your... READ MORE
Tech Talk offers some suggestions regarding approaches that one can take in providing information to a participant. READ MORE
Decumulation—spending down retirement savings—is, of course, ultimately the end result of a lifetime of saving for retirement. But how that is done can be an issue; a recent blog entry argues that education and how automatic features are used are key to responsible withdrawals.  Brian Allen,... READ MORE
Pre-retirement withdrawals— often referred to as “leakage” from retirement accounts—are allowed under certain circumstances, subject to certain penalties or additional taxes. The Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT) recently issued a report to Congress summarizing its efforts to better understand... READ MORE
Employee opt outs from CalSavers and Illinois Secure Choice, the programs California and Illinois run that provide retirement plan coverage for employees whose employers do not offer a retirement plan, are down as December starts.  Both plans allow employees to opt out of participating if they... READ MORE
The Department of Labor is working on a guidance package addressing cybersecurity issues as they relate to plan sponsors and third-party providers, a key official said Oct. 28.   Addressing SPARK’s Cybersecurity Virtual Event, Tim Hauser, Deputy Assistant Secretary for National Office Operations... READ MORE
How plan funds are invested is of great importance. One of the strategies some plans use is liability-driven investing; in MarketBeat, John Iekel discusses a recent paper that looks at how interest rates relate to such an approach. READ MORE
Tech Talk highlights three benefits to contributing to a 403(b) plan. READ MORE
In MarketBeat, John Iekel writes about a recent column that argues that current challenges have changed the rulebook on communicating with employees about benefits and offers suggestions on communicating in this upended environment. READ MORE
The circumstances in which retirement plan professionals—like everyone—have found themselves spells opportunity to develop new ways of working with and serving clients. An Aug. 6 NTSA webcast offered practical ideas on how to capitalize on that opportunity and serve clients virtually—and in the... READ MORE
The IRS has issued a reminder concerning relief related to retirement plans provided by the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. It provides the information in a question-and-answer format. More specifically, the IRS points out that the CARES Act, which President Trump... READ MORE
In MarketBeat, John Iekel writes that a variety of factors are at play in preparing for retirement, and there is growing recognition that employee and participant behavior also are key to being ready. READ MORE
A new study finds that a significant percentage of plan sponsors have embraced the use of automatic plan design features, but adoption may have “plateaued” to some degree.    First fielded in 2010, the fifth edition of the Defined Contribution Institutional Investment Association’s (DCIIA) plan... READ MORE
In MarketBeat, Nevin Adams notes that it’s too soon to know what the impact of today’s events will be and how long our lives and life will be impacted, but that it’s worth noting that our private retirement system is not just how America saves—it’s going to make a difference in how America lives. READ MORE
One issue the COVID-19 pandemic has brought a sharper focus on is that perceptions about when retirement will start and what it will entail are much different from the experiences of those already in retirement.   According to Allianz Life’s 2020 Retirement Risk Readiness Study, half of Americans... READ MORE