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Nevin E. Adams JD

The U.S. Department of Labor has published compliance assistance for 401(k) plan fiduciaries considering plan investments in cryptocurrencies, in an effort aimed at protecting the retirement savings of U.S. workers. The department’s Employee Benefits Security Administration (EBSA), published ... READ MORE
The who, what, when and how many of retirement plan committees, as well as some best practices.  It’s been said that a committee is a group that keeps minutes and loses hours, but advisors know they are an essential element in assuring prudent retirement plan operation and administration. In... READ MORE
Last fall the nation’s highest court sought the federal government’s input on a case that the law firm of Schlichter Bogard & Denton says is having a “chilling effect” on excessive fee litigation—and now the federal government has weighed in. Simply stated, “in the view of the United States,... READ MORE
The law firm of Schlichter Bogard & Denton has announced the terms of another settlement of a 403(b) excessive fee case. According to a press release by the St, Louis-based law firm, it has filed a preliminary settlement approval motion on behalf of Columbia University employees and retirees... READ MORE
They say that the third time’s a charm—and our third Fireside Chat is sure to be! Join us today (April 22) at 5:30 p.m. ET where we’ll (that’ll be all of you and me, Nevin Adams) catch up with Bonnie Treichel, and get the inside scoop on one of the hottest trends around—ESG—and an exciting new... READ MORE
The terms of a 403(b) excessive fee suit have come to light—and it includes some “therapeutic or structural relief.”   The proposed settlement (it must still be approved by the court) has been struck between the fiduciaries of the Princeton University based on a suit filed nearly three years ago... READ MORE
A quartet of GOP senators have introduced new legislation that would allow individuals facing financial challenges who are unable to make contributions to their tax-advantaged retirement accounts in 2020 to make catch-up contributions to these accounts in the coming years.   The Addressing Missed... READ MORE
There are lessons in positioning and behavioral finance that we “learned” years ago with 401(k)s that might still be holding back the effective utilization of health savings accounts.    I was reminded of that this week by a recent reader comment on a recent posting:    “I was in an HSA, then I... READ MORE
The Labor Department has finally unveiled its much anticipated fiduciary rule, though it’s a mixed bag and has a certain “back to the future” feel, along with some new implications for recordkeepers, Pooled Employer Plans and rollover advice.   Titled “Improving Investment Advice for Workers... READ MORE