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NTSA: Champion of Choice

The NTSA is a champion of choice in the public education market segment. 

Over the years the NTSA’s advocacy for maintaining multi-provider relationships in public education 403(b) plans tended to be reactionary (i.e., when a school district issues an RFP seeking a single provider solution). The NTSA believes it’s time we be proactive!

The NTSA has amassed a tremendous amount of research demonstrating the value of choice—better participation, better retirement outcomes, etc. to address exclusive provider threats, so the NTSA Business Intelligence Committee went to work gathering materials our members can use to educate school business officials about the pitfalls of single provider arrangements before a threat exists.  

We are pleased to introduce a new communication piece called “The Value of Choice” that includes links on the NTSA portal to reports and research that you can use to address the issue with district decision makers.

Instead of always being on the defense, we encourage everyone to go on the offensive to combat this issue. A link to “The Value of Choice” is here.  

Mark Heisler is the Chief Executive Officer of ADMIN Partners, LLC.