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Inside NTSA

2018 NTSA SUMMIT Coverage

Relive the highlights and best moments from the 2018 NTSA SUMMIT with our archive of coverage.

Game Change: NTSA’s New Playbook

In a short time, NTSA’s band of independent advisors has created an organization strong enough and determined enough to take on the big guys and fight for plan choice in some of America’s most populous states.

Synergize for Success

John Ortman and Kristine Coffey recap the 2013 NTSA Summit.

NTSA’s Journey: From Then to Now

Steven Sullivan takes a look back at how NTSA has grown over the first 25 years of its existence.

Coming Soon: New Member Benefits

As NTSA continues to grow and thrive, executive director Chris DeGrassi explains the new and exciting benefits that members can look forward to in 2014.

Be The Change!

Susan Diehl explains how you can help play a pivotal role in 2014, the most important year ever for NTSA.

Inside NTSA’s Name Change

John Ortman writes about how the organization’s new name (the National Tax-Deferred Savings Association) will help us in the fight to protect teacher choice.