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Elite Advisor Award

The NTSA Elite Advisor Award recognizes the contributions of advisors who, by their actions and example, have advanced best practice standards in the 403(b) and/or 457 retirement industry, and in so doing, have improved the ability of American workers to build a successful retirement. The 2020 Winners will be announced at the Awards Luncheon at the NTSA 2020 Summit on Monday, January 27. 



Who is Eligible? 

In order to be considered, advisors must have been:
  • an NTSA advisor member for at least three years (including the award year);
  • active for five (5) or more years as an advisor servicing 403(b) and/or 457 retirement plans;
  • responsible for $27,318,175 or more in retirement assets, namely 403(b), 457 and IRAs;
  • licensed for securities and insurance; and
  • in good standing with FINRA and SEC.

Note: The Elite Award Judging Committee members, the NTSA Leadership Council and the NTSA 2020 Summit steering committee are ineligible to be nominated for the NTSA Elite Advisor Award in their year(s) of service in these roles. NTSA Elite Advisor Award recipients for a particular award year are ineligible for five subsequent award years. 


How Are NTSA Elite Advisor Award Winners Recognized?

  • Recognition at the NTSA 2020 Summit, along with a framed certificate
  • Publicity on the NTSA Net web portal
  • Press release/announcement, both locally and nationally
  • Full-page biography in NTSA Elite Advisor Award directory
  • A discount on the NTSA annual meeting registration fee for the next year


How Are Individuals Nominated?

Nominations are submitted electronically; click here for the nomination form.  Nominations close September 13, 2019.

Eligible candidates may be nominated for the NTSA Elite Advisor Award by:

  • any ARA Member

Additional information on the nomination and judging process for the NTSA Elite Advisor Award is available here.