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Investment Trends

Bipartisan legislation to create a new federal commission that would study and recommend ways to improve Americans’ retirement security has been reintroduced in the Senate. The Federal Retirement Commission Act, reintroduced May 14 by Sens. Todd Young (R-IN) and Cory Booker (D-NJ), would charge... READ MORE
In MarketBeat, John Iekel discusses a recent blog entry that focuses on whether or not to outsource, and outlines the advantages and disadvantages of decisions about how a retirement plan’s funds are to be invested. READ MORE
It’s no surprise to those in the investment industry that the increasing life expectancy of Americans has put some pressure on defined benefit plans because they are being required to pay out more in benefits than was originally anticipated by the actuaries. In an attempt to protect their plans and... READ MORE
The Senate Special Committee on Aging in a Feb. 6 hearing, “Financial Security in Retirement: Innovations and Best Practices to Promote Savings,” listened to ideas from a panel of experts on how to increase retirement savings and enhance Americans’ financial readiness to retire. “As Americans live... READ MORE
Four NTSA leaders – Tamara Indianer of Lincoln Investment, Bill Fisher of Penserv, Paul Prete of Foresters Financial and I – introduced the NTSA Certified Retirement Education Specialist (CRES) initiative at a Jan. 28 session of the organization’s 30th Anniversary Summit in Tampa. The CRES will be... READ MORE
HSAs continue to increase in popularity thanks to their triple tax advantages and increased adoption in health plans, but there is room for improvement, according to a new study. Morningstar’s second annual study assessing HSAs from 10 of the largest providers finds that most have improved the... READ MORE
Many Americans have heard of the Roth IRA and its benefit of taking tax-free withdrawals during retirement. And some have heard of the “backdoor” Roth — making nondeductible contributions to traditional IRAs and converting them to Roth IRAs. In MarketBeat, Ascensus staff discuss a new Roth savings... READ MORE
The Senate Special Committee on Aging held a hearing on June 15 to examine ways to leverage prizes and technology to influence savings behavior.The hearing featured testimony from Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies President Catherine Collinson that focused on a new research report... READ MORE
The Nutmeg State is looking for public comments on the feasibility of a state-sponsored retirement plan for all private sector employees. Connecticut State Comptroller Kevin Lembo (D) and State Treasurer Denise Nappier (D), who co-chair the Connecticut Retirement Security Board (CSRB) created... READ MORE
Experience, it is said, is the most difficult teacher, because she always gives the test before she gives the lesson. Every professional finds themselves at some point reflecting, “I wish I had” or “I wish I had never.” Join us for a complimentary webcast on Friday, Oct. 10 from noon to 12:50 p.m.... READ MORE
The IRS and the Department of Labor are actively encouraging lifetime income and enhancing retirement security. The most recent part of that effort is a final regulation the IRS released that permits longevity annuities in retirement plans and IRAs. But will this guidance actually change... READ MORE
Relying on the traditional methods for determining a client’s tolerance for risk can be risky in itself, according to Michael Kitces, speaking at the 2014 NTSA 403(b) Summit in Washington, D.C., on June 24. Kitces is a partner and director of research at the Pinnacle Advisory Group. Putting a... READ MORE
The federal government and U.S. workers agree that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) — a.k.a. Obamacare — will affect the timing of retirements. However, IFAwebnews reports that there’s a wide gap between what the government and many workers expect that effect to be, according to a survey conducted... READ MORE
Simplified investment platforms are becoming more common for 403(b) plans, and target date funds are among the most widespread investment options, according to the Plan Sponsor Council of America’s sixth annual 403(b) plan survey. The Principal Financial Group sponsored the study. Aaron Friedman,... READ MORE
The funded status of public- and private-sector pension plans is a classic example of bad news/good news. To wit: Some states’ pensions are in bad shape, but funding of public-sector pension plans overall is improving; corporate pensions’ funded status fell in April, but only very slightly.  State... READ MORE
According to research by ING, plan participants who use TDFs are more confident about meeting their retirement goals. They also defer more and are less stressed. In an online survey of more than 1,000 plans conducted last September by ING (which will be known as Voya starting in May), 54 percent of... READ MORE
The words have barely faded from the teleprompter, but retirement experts have wasted no time in expressing caution regarding the “myRA” retirement accounts President Obama unveiled in his State of the Union Address. Chris Carosa of Fiduciary News provides a comprehensive list of 10 reasons to... READ MORE