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Professional Education & Credentialing

Registration is open for the 2024 NTSA Summit! The conference—Feb. 25-27 in San Diego, CA—is the only industry event designed for 403(b) and 457(b) professionals. But that’s not all! It will include: Tailored general sessions, workshops, and up to 12 continuing education (CE) credits A... READ MORE
What topics do you want to learn about at the NTSA Summit?   Don’t miss your chance to help us shape the agenda for the 2024 NTSA Summit—Feb. 25-27 in San Diego! What industry developments, trends, opportunities, and challenges do you want to learn about or share? Use our interactive online voting... READ MORE
As most of the state legislative sessions have adjourned, the amount of bills the NTSA reviews daily has decreased. This has given us an opportunity to reenergize projects that were put on the back burner during the intense legislative calendar.  But First: Illinois Success! We have wonderful... READ MORE
PenChecks Trust Company of America and ASPPA are pleased to offer the tenth annual QKA Scholarship Program for ASPPA’s credentials, including the QKA, QKC, QPA, and CPC. The 2023 PenChecks Trust ASPPA Scholarship will be awarded to 14 individuals who make the most compelling case for how the... READ MORE
Hello all! Welcome to a new monthly series, Nate’s Notes. In order to keep you all apprised of what is taking place at the NTSA, I’m going to share an update on where I’ve been and what the NTSA has been doing. For my inaugural note, I’m writing from the airplane on my way to the Massachusetts... READ MORE
Five new members were added to the distinguished professionals who are honored to be among those recognized by receiving the NTSA Elite Advisor Award. They were named at the Feb. 27 luncheon held at the 2023 NTSA Summit in Tampa, FL.  Kelly Larkin, CFP®, whose practice is in Seattle, WA, serves... READ MORE
Eleanor “Ellie” Lowder, TPGC, was honored with the 2023 Bob D. Schiller Award. Lowder, a volunteer with the NTSA for decades, passed on in 2022.  Born in 1938 in Virden, IL, Ellie was a loving mother and dedicated wife, and in a time in which it was more traditional for women to not enter the... READ MORE
The passage of SECURE 2.0 means big changes for retirement plans and planning, 403(b)s included. It’s a great time to get more involved — or involved at all — in the space, leading to more revenue for advisors and, importantly, better outcomes for plan participants. So what’s happening with ... READ MORE
Have you been on vacation? Not our Awards Judging Committee (AJC)! They have been hard at work preparing for the NTSA 2023 Elite Advisor Awards.  The members of this year’s AJC are:  Carla Ann Goedtke of Investors Choice Financial Services, Inc.; Michael Goldberg of Equitable; Chris Janeway... READ MORE
The Certified Retirement Education Specialist (CRES) is a certification through the NTSA that is gaining acceptance at a rapid pace. The three-hour certificate course is designed to promote education of employee’s retirement planning options and improve participation in 403(b)s.  School districts... READ MORE
The recent 2022 NTSA Summit provided a unique opportunity to connect and also to gain from the insights of industry experts. Following is a quick rundown of our coverage of the event.  NTSA Leadership Flagg Thanked for Her Service as 2021 NTSA President READ MORE
Advocate, network, and grow: That’s the NTSA Summit experience! And to kick off the 2022 NTSA Summit, we’re going to get our community up to speed on the ever-changing federal policies that affect the retirement plan industry. So join us on Sunday, Feb. 6 at 1:30 p.m. for our first general... READ MORE
Open your calendar and reserve Feb. 6-8, 2022—for the 2022 NTSA Summit!  Our Summit is the only industry conference designed for 403(b) and 457(b) professionals. And it will include: Six general sessions, an array of workshops, and continuing education (CE) credit. The Certified Retirement... READ MORE
The NTSA traditionally offers access to a recording of a webcast (including both audio and visual portions of the presentation) approximately one week following the original live webcast presentation. These recordings are available for 1 year after the date of the original live webcast. Below is a... READ MORE
There is a broad array of plans from which an employer and plan sponsor can choose. In a 2021 NTSA Summit workshop session, an industry expert offered an overview, with a special focus on 430(b) and 457 plans. Nathan Glassey, Vice President, National Benefit Services, set the table by looking at... READ MORE
Have you registered for the NTSA Virtual Summit? If not, this week is your last chance! This year’s sessions will include:  The state of the retirement markets — hosted by Mr. 403(b)! Using retirement funds to pay for living expenses during hardship. How to attract, motivate, and retain... READ MORE
Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. 403(b) is back!   Bob Architect is returning to the NTSA stage as a speaker for the Summit session State of the Retirement Markets. Often referred to as “Mr. 403(b),” Architect has been a true champion for our industry. His 35-year career includes: Serving as senior... READ MORE
In this NTSA Virtual Summit workshop, we will discuss the similarities and differences between 403(b) and 457(b) plans. We will also cover what eligible employers must consider when offering both—as paired plans—to their employees. Specific discussions will include: Who can offer these plans?... READ MORE
Terminations of 403(b) plans were a concern even before the pandemic placed additional stresses on plans, plan sponsors and participants, and they will remain a concern afterwards. A recent ASPPA webinar took a look at the basics about them in the context of current circumstances and regulations.... READ MORE
We began the year at our base camp. And now, we move on to the Summit!   This year’s NTSA Virtual Summit, June 28–30, will host four general sessions and 12 workshops with recognized authorities and top experts in the financial services and retirement fields. In addition, we will offer a CRES... READ MORE