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The NTSA notes with sadness and great respect the passing of Richard Ford. He was Chief Marketing Officer for PlanMember Financial Corp., an NTSA Strategic Partner. RICHARD FORD – who was not encouraged by him?… his support, his joie de vive, his commitments, his engaging smile, his love for... READ MORE
Save the date! The 2020 NTSA Summit will be held Jan. 26-28, 2020 in Denver, CO. And you can help set the agenda! After you save the date for the 2020 NTSA Summit, be sure to rank and contribute topics that could help shape the conference. We launched an innovative online polling tool to compile... READ MORE
Editor’s Note: This is an occasional feature in the NTSA Advisor. It is drawn from The Source, a book that covers technical, compliance, administrative and marketing aspects of the 403(b) and 457(b) markets. More information about The Source is available here. An integral element of the 403(b) and... READ MORE
The NTSA Certified Retirement Education Specialist (CRES) initiative has been launched, and a complimentary, members-only webcast on Feb. 7 featured a panel discussion about the new program. Panelists included Tamara Indianer of Lincoln Investment; Adam Pearce, also of Lincoln Investment; Bill... READ MORE
Tamara Indianer is my sister, a second-generation NTSA leader and 2018 NTSA President, and I am so proud of her. What she and the NTSA organization accomplished in the last year is outstanding: The creation of the certification program, Certified Retirement Education Specialist, will allow... READ MORE
Today the NTSA is rebranding our weekly publication for our membership. Known since its launch in 2014 as the 403(b) Advisor, it will now be known as the NTSA Advisor.  This change reflects the NTSA’s broader focus to support all tax-exempt workplace savings solutions, which include ERISA and Non-... READ MORE
The winners of the 2019 NTSA Elite Advisor Award, as well as the winner of the Bob D. Schiller Award, were honored on Jan. 28 in a ceremony at the NTSA 30th Anniversary Summit in Tampa, FL. 2019 Elite Advisors The winners were chosen from among 12 finalists. Former NTSA President Randy Aranowitz... READ MORE
The NTSA is launching a national initiative to improve retirement literacy for public educators, aimed at advancing retirement security and 403(b) participation rates in America’s schools. The NTSA will be holding a complimentary on-demand recording for NTSA members only on the initiative on... READ MORE
The National Tax-Deferred Savings Association has announced the finalists for its prestigious NTSA 2019 Elite Advisor Award. The NTSA 2019 NTSA Elite Advisor Award will be presented during the Awards Luncheon at NTSA 30th Anniversary Summit at the Westin Tampa Waterside, Tampa, FL Jan. 27-29. 2019... READ MORE
The 30th Anniversary NTSA Summit is fast approaching! And the NTSA is pleased to announce that the summit, which will be held Jan. 27-29, 2019 in Tampa, will include a presentation by Dr. John Evans on the Art of WOW. Evans, who is Executive Director of Knowledge LabsTM Professional Development... READ MORE
The National Tax-Deferred Savings Association (NTSA) has named the 2019 recipient of its Bob D. Schiller Award. The NTSA 2019 Bob D. Schiller Award is presented to Susan J. Jennings for her lifetime achievements and meritorious service. The NTSA Bob D. Schiller Award recognizes individuals who... READ MORE
The NTSA’s 403(b) Advisor  will not be published next Tuesday, Dec. 25 or Tuesday, Jan. 1, 2019, as the NTSA and American Retirement Association offices will be closed on both of those days. The next edition of the 403(b) Advisor  will be published on Tuesday, Jan. 8, 2019. Of course, we’ll... READ MORE
The American Retirement Association (ARA), in a Dec. 12 letter to Joe Canary, Director of the Office of Regulations and Interpretations of the DOL’s Employee Benefits Security Administration, has suggested steps the agency can take to improve retirement security. The ARA sent the letter as part of... READ MORE
If you were unable to attend the Summit last year, you saw my father, Paul Indianer, receive the Bob Schiller Lifetime Achievement Award. But only in absentia, as he is suffering from Alzheimer’s and could not be with us. My father helped to found the NTSA years ago, and I’m proud to carry on his... READ MORE
The National Tax-Deferred Savings Association has announced the semifinalists for its prestigious NTSA Elite Advisor Award. The 2019 NTSA Elite Advisor Award will be presented at the NTSA 30th Anniversary Summit in Tampa, FL Jan. 27-29. 2019. The 2019 NTSA Elite Advisor Award semi-finalists are:... READ MORE
Would you like to become an NTSA Certified Retirement Education Specialist? You can! And the NTSA 30th Anniversary Summit offers you an opportunity! The NTSA 30th Anniversary Summit, to be held Jan. 27-29, 2019, will include an advisor certificate bootcamp where you’ll to learn how to present NTSA... READ MORE
As you can see, the NTSA website looks different – cleaner, more modern, and certainly better when viewed on a mobile device, as a growing number of members do. While we have retained nearly all of the resources previously available on the old site, we have done some reorganizing, and retitled... READ MORE
Taxes are one of the things that are said to be inevitable. And for some, that may entail the dreaded… plan audit. But the target need not be caught unawares; and not only that, for some professionals, plan audits may even spell business opportunity. The upcoming NTSA webcast “IRS Audits: A... READ MORE
“Incredibly motivating” — that’s how 2016 Elite Advisor Josh Decker described being recognized as an NTSA Elite Advisor. He offered his insights on what it meant to him to win the award, and regarding the importance of the award and the qualities that lead to it being bestowed on the best of the... READ MORE
If you are part of the 403(b)/457(b) education market, whether as a financial advisor, product provider, TPA or home office management, NTSA is your industry organization. NTSA has a long history of providing opportunities for industry networking, training and advocacy. In fact, we have 30 years of... READ MORE