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Continuing Education

The number of women in the retirement plan industry is growing. Though still a male-dominated field, women are bringing their talents, skills and unique abilities to the table, and helping businesses thrive.   Help support female advisors and TPAs get to “WiRC” this summer at the 2019 Women in... READ MORE
You know your clients – but how well do you know yourself?   As leaders and as women, we all strive to improve, and, like many of you, I have spent considerable time on self-awareness during my career in financial services. Along the way, I’ve been challenged to understand and define my leadership... READ MORE
The NTSA Certified Retirement Education Specialist (CRES) initiative has been launched, and a complimentary, members-only webcast on Feb. 7 featured a panel discussion about the new program. Panelists included Tamara Indianer of Lincoln Investment; Adam Pearce, also of Lincoln Investment; Bill... READ MORE
On Thursday, Feb. 7, the NTSA will be holding a complimentary on-demand recording for NTSA members only. It will concern the national initiative the NTSA is launching to improve retirement literacy for public educators, aimed at advancing retirement security and 403(b) participation rates in... READ MORE
The 30th Anniversary NTSA Summit is fast approaching! And the NTSA is pleased to announce that the summit, which will be held Jan. 27-29, 2019 in Tampa, will include a presentation by Dr. John Evans on the Art of WOW. Evans, who is Executive Director of Knowledge LabsTM Professional Development... READ MORE
After saving the date for your attendance at the NTSA Summit, consider ranking and or contributing topics that could help shape the conference. We have launched an innovative online polling tool to ultimately compile the best ideas for session topics at the conference.Here’s how it works:The online... READ MORE
An upcoming NTSA webcast will provide important information and tools regarding presentations to employers about 403(b) plans.NTSA Webcast: The New 403(b) Plan Documents Part I: Why March 2020 Is Important to 403(b) EmployersWednesday, Feb. 28, 20182:00 - 2:50 p.m. ETSpeaker: Susan D. Diehl, QPA,... READ MORE
Think you’re dealing with a stressful environment? It could be worse. Astronaut Fred Haise knows something about stressful situations, based on his experience on Apollo 13. Haise was slated to become the sixth human to walk on the Moon before circumstances interrupted that mission and created a... READ MORE
Yes, the holidays are upon us — but there’s no time like the present to get a head start on 2018!The NTSA Summit is where leaders and innovators come together to make a difference for their clients, the industry, and themselves. It is the only national gathering of professionals in the 403(b) and... READ MORE
The Chairman’s Mark of the GOP tax reform proposal introduced in the Senate last week does some damage to 403(b) and 457 plans. Under the proposal unveiled Nov. 9 by Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT), Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, a single aggregate limit would be applied to contributions for an... READ MORE
On Nov. 1, the House GOP is expected to release its tax reform proposal, and it’s expected to include a number of significant changes for retirement plans. Find out what you need to know — and how to prepare — for the changes that could be coming down the road at the newly redesigned NTSA Summit.... READ MORE
Why take time away from your office to participate in the NTSA Summit? There are a lot of good reasons — here are three.It’s hard to find a good time to be out of the office — but if you’re a 403(b) or 457 retirement plan professional, your participation at the NTSA Summit can pay off in amazing... READ MORE
It’s that time of year again! Help shape the 2018 NTSA Summit Fly-In by participating in our interactive online polling tool where you decide the content for next year’s event.Here’s How it Works:The online tool presents two session ideas. You pick your favorite — or add your own idea for others to... READ MORE
“Life is complicated and has many moving pieces. One can’t look at retirement in a vacuum,” American Academy of Actuaries Senior Pension Fellow Ted Goldman says of the effort to address and foster employees’ financial wellness.Goldman spoke at an April 5 session of the Enrolled Actuaries meeting in... READ MORE
Editor’s note: This is the second of a two-part series in which experts share their insights on some of their expectations for the coming year on issues relevant to retirement plans. Part 1 can be found here.The champagne flutes may be dry, but plenty of bubbling exuberance remains. And regarding... READ MORE
The advent of the Department of Labor’s (DOL) fiduciary rule has already been having results, and more than half a year before implementation. The latest sign of its potency: advisor interest in training about regulations.That interest is up sharply, says the LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute in a... READ MORE
The American Retirement Association (ARA) has partnered with Morningstar, Inc. to develop a program that sets a new standard in fiduciary education and best practices.The IRA Fiduciary Adviser education program is designed to prepare advisers for a continuously shifting regulatory environment. The... READ MORE
There is a sizable number of pre-retirees and retirees who do not enlist the assistance of a professional when devising a financial plan for their retirement, according to a recent study. It also takes a look at how they do in the effort.The study, by the LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute, found... READ MORE
The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) has issued an interpretive letter agreeing to exclude the NTSA’s Model Disclosure Form from various filing requirements under FINRA Rule 2210. This marks a significant milestone for the NTSA’s effort to ensure that public school employees receive... READ MORE
Have you ever attended a conference session about using social media and walked away thinking that when you got back to your office you weren't going to be allowed to do any of the stuff you just learned? Or worse, that you didn't really understand what any of it meant to begin with?This year’s 403... READ MORE