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If you’re like me, when I hear the word “networking,” I get a little nervous. It brings up visions of women frantically sticking their business cards in my face and giving me their elevator pitches at some organized luncheon. I prefer the terms, “connecting and collaborating”, because that is what... READ MORE
The times they are a-changin’. At an exciting — and, perhaps in some ways terrifying — pace. But in order to compete, one must embrace and employ the dazzling attributes and developments of our dizzying age. Joey Coleman, Chief Experience Composer of the Design Symphony recently shared his insights... READ MORE
New survey results show that nearly half of Americans incorrectly believe all advisors are legally obligated to act in a client’s best interest.   According to findings in Personal Capital’s 2019 Financial Trust Report, 48% of survey respondents mistakenly believe that all financial advisors are... READ MORE
You know your clients – but how well do you know yourself?   As leaders and as women, we all strive to improve, and, like many of you, I have spent considerable time on self-awareness during my career in financial services. Along the way, I’ve been challenged to understand and define my leadership... READ MORE
Over the past few years, the financial advisory profession has seen an emergence of a new class of clientele. This client is hard to describe, in that the client is neither fully working, nor fully retired. This client might be using some, but not all, of their retirement earnings. They are pre-... READ MORE
In our business, there are tremendous ups and downs. It’s easy to be happy in your work environment when things are going well — when you’re closing business and clients are saying yes. However, it’s challenging to maintain a positive outlook when things don’t go according to plan. To help get... READ MORE
Recently, I was walking some clients to the door and as they were walking away I overheard something special. The woman remarked to her husband, “I always feel better coming in here.” I’ve long wondered what exactly it is that I do during meetings that makes people want to remain clients. I feel... READ MORE
Looking to expand your client base? Then you better be familiar with the unique mindset and preferences of Millennials as a generation ripe for guidance and engagement, says a new report.  Coming of age in the wake of 9/11, the 2008 market crash and the Great Recession, Millennials’ financial... READ MORE
The NTSA Certified Retirement Education Specialist (CRES) initiative has been launched, and a complimentary, members-only webcast on Feb. 7 featured a panel discussion about the new program. Panelists included Tamara Indianer of Lincoln Investment; Adam Pearce, also of Lincoln Investment; Bill... READ MORE
On the wall at my gym there is a disclaimer sign, warning members to “cease activity and consult a physician if you experience any pain, discomfort, shortness of breath, light headedness or nausea.” In addition to those symptoms, I also get hot and sweaty. I can only assume I am allergic to working... READ MORE
It seems to me that our industry has rewarded us all well when serving our clients throughout the years. The same landscape is changing as we face technological advances, the demand for greater regulatory oversight, and the compression of our market space. I believe it was Bob Dylan1 who recorded... READ MORE
A Jan. 28 session at the NTSA 30th Anniversary Summit offered tips from Toews Corporation Director of Sales and Marketing Eben Burr on how to adjust one’s ways of communicating in order to boost one’s practice, effectiveness and service. READ MORE
Financial advisors, representatives and educators often find themselves sitting across the table from people who are confused, scared and uncertain what to do. The experience can feel like that of a lifeguard perched above a swimmer whose arms and legs thrash in an attempt to keep their head above... READ MORE
The new year has begun, and in an NTSA webcast Susan Diehl, President of PenServ Plan Services, offers a look at important developments that will affect your plans and those whom you – and they – serve. In a Jan. 9 webcast, Diehl focused on many important issues affecting 403(b) and 457 plans,... READ MORE
Why attend the 30th Anniversary NTSA Summit? It’s the highlight of my professional year! This is because of the following: NETWORKING with the best of the best, the role model Elite Advisors MENTORING new attendees, who are bringing fresh ideas APPRECIATING stories of tradition with business... READ MORE
The Department of Labor announced Oct. 29 that it has published employee benefit plan compliance guidance and relief for victims of recent Hurricanes Florence and Michael. The relief includes easing of enforcement concerning the rules governing plan loans and distributions, as well as relief... READ MORE
Defined benefit plans, defined contribution plans, IRAs — among the basics that are the bread and butter of saving for retirement. But there is another kind of account which is coming into greater prominence as a way to accomplish that — health savings accounts (HSAs). Greg Fowler, Vice President,... READ MORE
In order to be in compliance with ERISA Section 404(c), a plan needs to meet some general requirements; one is that plan participants must be allowed to receive information sufficient for them to make informed decisions. So says Wells Fargo in “Section 404(c) Compliance: Added Protection Makes it... READ MORE
What do you do if things have changed a great deal since you entered the financial services industry? In MarketBeat, Brad Corbin argues that one way to adapt to the changing world of the 403(b) is to take control of it by careful business planning and disciplined implementation, and outlines a four... READ MORE
Editor’s Note: ERISA Tips is provided with you in mind — to make the newsletter more useful to you! If you have any content for ERISA Tips or the 403(b) Advisor that you would like to contribute or suggest, please contact John Iekel, editor of the 403(b) Advisor, at This... READ MORE