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Robert Toth

Let’s face it. Annuities generally are not well-received in much of the retirement plan adviser community. From the historical impression that “annuities are sold, not bought,” to some advisers perceived baggage associated with being that ghastly “licensed insurance agent,” to the historically “... READ MORE
The IRS’ 2007 403(b) regulations fundamentally altered the 403(b) marketplace. The imposition of those regulations of greater responsibility on 403(b) plan sponsors for maintaining the continued tax favored status of their plans triggered—among other things—efforts by a number of employers,... READ MORE
There are only 10 (or so) different provisions under SECURE 2.0 which seem to have any sort of direct relation to the provision of lifetime income through defined contribution plans (LI), and none of them seem to have the bold, systemic effects that we saw under the some of the terms under SECURE 1... READ MORE
With so much change continuing to be in the air, it seems all too rare to be able take the opportunity to step back to broadly reflect on all of these moving pieces. The changes from CARES and SECURE, for example, are just working their way through the system, and now we expect to see SECURE 2.0... READ MORE
My wife Conni and I have lurked in the netherworld of retirement plan administration for decades now, working on those things nobody ever sees. One of the ways we explain what we do to friends and family is with a story about their own 401(k) and 403(b) plans. What we tell them is that when they go... READ MORE
This is a pretty exciting time in the defined contribution plan marketplace. Years of work from a number of different quarters seem to be finally beginning to coalesce around the notion of sanely “decumulating” assets from DC plans. I wonder if a measure of all this may be the growing catalog of... READ MORE
A surprising number of employers have opted NOT to offer the COVID-related distribution (CRD) relief under the CARES Act. But the employer’s decision is not the final word on this matter, because the statute grants participants specific tax benefits regardless of the sponsor’s choice. So what does... READ MORE
The SECURE ACT introduced a concept which was not known well beyond a handful of 403(b) practitioners, that is the “distribution” of 403(b) individual custodial accounts from 403(b) plans.  The lack of understanding of what this actually means has even lead one commentator in a highly respected... READ MORE
Plan documents continue to demand advisors’ attention as we wait for the IRS to approve prototype and volume submitter plans sometime next year. In this week’s MarketBeat, Robert Toth discusses two particularly important plan document issues that advisors can help their 403(b) plan sponsors... READ MORE