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In this week’s MarketBeat, Michael Webb discusses why a TGPC designation is so valuable and the top three reasons why you should obtain the designation. READ MORE
How are 403b loan defaults processed? Once a participant defaults on a loan, it’s a deemed distribution and a 1099R is created. But there are many other matters to be settled. In this week’s Tech Talk, Ellie Lowder tells us what happens regarding the participant’s account, the outstanding loan,... READ MORE
There are critical deadlines 403(b) plans must meet in order to stay in compliance with the federal Internal Revenue Code. Adding to the complexity of this function, some deadlines only apply to particular plan types (such as ERISA plans). In this week’s MarketBeat, Mike Webb provides a 403(b) Plan... READ MORE
The consultant for a 501(c)(3) that sponsors a 403(b) plan and a 401(a) plan has told the employer that the Code Section 415(c) limit is a shared limit between the two plans. In this week’s Tech Talk, Ellie Lowder tells us whether the consultant is correct. READ MORE
In a year of positive — but modest — change, a new survey suggests that public pension funds are feeling better about their ability to deal with trends and issues, at least in the near term. According to the 2014 National Conference on Public Employee Retirement Systems (NCPERS) Public Retirement... READ MORE
Section 404(c) is a historically misunderstood part of ERISA, with misconceptions rampant even before the 404(a)(5) participant fee disclosure regulations added to the confusion. In this week’s MarketBeat, Michael Webb addresses fundamental ERISA Section 404(c) issues every advisor should master. READ MORE
A client wants to protect her 403(b) from being counted as an asset for purposes of Medicaid and used to cover her husband’s nursing home costs. In this week’s Tech Talk, Ellie Lowder tells us whether there is any way to protect her 403(b). READ MORE
The SEC has issued its 2014 Agency Financial Report, in which it outlines the actions it undertook in 2014 and its goals for 2015. Investment News notes that the report is vague about whether the SEC will propose a new uniform fiduciary standard in FY 2015, which began Oct. 1, 2014.  “In FY 2015,... READ MORE
The SEC earlier this year amended Investment Company Act Rule 2a-7, otherwise known as the “Money Market Fund Rule.” Despite years of discussion concerning the rule, confusion about it may persist. In this week’s MarketBeat, Byron Bowman explains the changes made to the rule and their effect on... READ MORE
An employer wants to establish a top hat plan for its directors. How does it do that? In this week’s Tech Talk, Ellie Lowder identifies three steps. READ MORE
The Internal Revenue Service is reminding low- and moderate-income workers about an opportunity to earn a special tax credit while they save for retirement. The IRS notes that the Saver’s Credit helps offset part of the first $2,000 that workers voluntarily contribute to IRAs and 401(k) plans and... READ MORE
Two new efforts have been launched to increase the availability to retirement planning services to public-sector and non-profit employees. ABMM Financial, an investment firm based in Iselin, N.J., has been launched, and the Legend Group has announced a partnership with the Association of Christian... READ MORE
The recent elections have had a dramatic effect on Capitol Hill. But there also have been some significant and surprising results on the state level as well — and they could affect retirement plan-related legislation on regulation in some states. ASPPA Executive Director Brian Graff and Political... READ MORE
Fewer defined contribution plan participants changed their asset allocations in the first half of 2014 than did so in 2013, according to a new report by the Investment Company Institute (ICI). The report includes 403(b)s in its definition of DC plans, and it includes annuities held by 403(b)s in... READ MORE
The revolution in technology that has transformed communication has changed the way business is conducted as well. And that can help you in managing your practice and making it grow. Join us for a conversation about technology in an NTSA webcast on Friday, Nov. 14 from noon to 1:00 p.m. ET, and... READ MORE
Offering one employee benefit affects how another is offered, and the implementation of the Affordable Care Act is an example. In this week’s MarketBeat, Kevin Lurie discusses how that affects employers — something retirement plan administrators need to understand. READ MORE
You have a client that is a 501(c)(3) that is trying to find a way to reward its executive director and the associate executive director, who are receiving limited employer contributions to its 403(b) plan because of the federal nondiscrimination rules. In this week’s Tech Talk, Ellie Lowder tells... READ MORE
Technology has revolutionized communication and conducting business — and it can help you manage your practice and make it grow. Join us for a conversation about technology in an NTSA webcast on Friday, Nov. 14 from noon to 1:00 p.m. ET, and walk away with insight and practical steps you can take... READ MORE
You have a client that has an annuity contract and has requested that it be cashed in due to a qualifying hardship. In this week’s Tech Talk, Ellie Lowder tells us whether the assets of the entire contract can be distributed. READ MORE
According to the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, there are 6,400 charter schools in 42 states, with 2.5 million students. Many NTSA members do include charter schools in their target market. In this week’s MarketBeat, Ellie Lowder discusses some unusual situations that may arise in... READ MORE