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Kristine Coffey

NTSA proudly announces the inaugural NTSA Richard Ford Volunteer Service Award.   This new award honors and promotes NTSA members’ volunteer and service work in two areas: both with NTSA in their tax-exempt retirement industry markets and also with the member’s local governmental and nonprofit... READ MORE
The NTSA notes with sadness and great respect the passing of Richard Ford. He was Chief Marketing Officer for PlanMember Financial Corp., an NTSA Strategic Partner. RICHARD FORD – who was not encouraged by him?… his support, his joie de vive, his commitments, his engaging smile, his love for... READ MORE
Why attend the 30th Anniversary NTSA Summit? It’s the highlight of my professional year! This is because of the following: NETWORKING with the best of the best, the role model Elite Advisors MENTORING new attendees, who are bringing fresh ideas APPRECIATING stories of tradition with business... READ MORE
Have you ever been elbow-to-elbow with the energy and free-flowing successful solutions of the very best in our industry? For the first time ever, yes, you can be! NTSA brings you the inaugural NTSA Elite Advisors Awards on Sunday, June 22, 2014 at 2:15 p.m., right after the lively “State of the... READ MORE
This article originally appeared in the Fall 2013 issue of 403(b) Advisor Magazine.  To view a PDF version of this article, please click HERE. Gathering in the energy-filled Chicago Loop in June, 403(b) professionals from around the country networked, learned about timely industry initiatives and... READ MORE