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A plan sponsor has many investment options it can make available to plan participants. Should the plan offer funds that are invested in stable value or mid cap growth funds? Emerging markets? Real estate investment funds? Target date funds? But there is something else a plan sponsor can keep in... READ MORE
Defined benefit plans’ decline and a proportional rise of future retirees’ need for expert help in establishing and managing retirement accounts spelled growth for the financial services industry. But the market may be saturated — there are many advisors, but the universe of clients is flat or... READ MORE
Is the Form 5500 worth filling out and filing in the first place? Not everyone is convinced, reports Benefitspro. But file they must, and the Government Accountability Office (GAO) has come to the rescue, offering suggestions in its recent report, “Private Pensions:Targeted Revisions Could Improve... READ MORE
Suppose you have a client who is a pastor and receives total income of $87,000, $42,000 of which has been designated as housing allowance. Can the church contribute $52,000 for him in 2014? In Tech Talk, Ellie Lowder tells us whether it can — and if it can’t, how much it can contribute beyond the... READ MORE
Is Washington obsessed with rollovers? ASPPA Executive Director and CEO Brian Graff thinks so. “There’s no one who doesn’t care about this issue. There is an obsession with the rollover issue in DC,” said Graff in the July 22 webinar, “Washington Update: Rollovers, Rollovers, Rollovers — it’s All... READ MORE
Retirement-sector veteran Nevin Adams will join ASPPA next month to head its rapidly expanding media and marketing businesses, including NTSA Net.  Adams, who was most recently Director of Education and External Relations at the Employee Benefit Research Institute and co-director of EBRI’s Center... READ MORE
California Public Employees Retirement System (CalPERS) Board members are required to receive 24 hours of financial training every two years under a law just enacted. Gov. Jerry Brown (D) on July 18 signed into law AB1163, a measure Assemblyman Marc Levine (D-San Rafael) introduced to enhance... READ MORE
Suppose a 62 year-old who is drawing a reduced Social Security benefit understands that he can earn up to $15,480 before beginning to lose Social Security benefits. He calculates that he will be about $3,000 above the $15,480 from substitute teaching income; can he contribute the $3,000 to his 403(... READ MORE
The IRS and the Department of Labor are actively encouraging lifetime income and enhancing retirement security. The most recent part of that effort is a final regulation the IRS released that permits longevity annuities in retirement plans and IRAs. But will this guidance actually change... READ MORE
Seventeen states have, or are, considering measures that would allow employers to automatically enroll employees in IRAs. While these measures concern private-sector employers, their consideration reflects state governments’ interest in measures that address retirement plan participation in some... READ MORE