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Products and Solutions

Long-term Care Solutions with Hybrid Products

With nearly 70 percent of retirees needing long-term care at some point during their later years, Elaine Marvin says it is important that plan advisors make their clients aware of ways they can steer retirement funds or life insurance payments towards this valuable insurance option.

The Advantages of Making Retirement Plan Loans More Accessible

Howard Phillips writes about the pros and cons of allowing plan participants to take out loans against their retirement accounts, and how advisors can make this process as easy as possible for those who need to do so.

Help Your Clients Pay for College and Retirement

Scott Moffit explains how advisors can leverage their current client network to get into the college financial planning market.

To 403(b) or Not to 403(b)?

Many churches have the option to choose either a 401(k) or 403(b) for their employees’ retirement plans.  Danny Miller writes about how plan advisors can use broad-based analysis to determine which plan is best for each specific employer.

Add ‘Estate Planner’ to Your Toolbox

Advisors would be well-served to get an Accredited Estate Planner credential, writes Clark Kendall.  As the marketplace keeps changing, Kendall says, an AEP credential can allow an advisor to expand his or her role into individual wealth management, opening doors to new clients and fresh sources of revenue.

How Do I Move My Money?

Michael Webb walks advisors through the complex regulatory maze that is a feature of every plan-to-plan transfer or contract exchange.

RMDs and the 21st Century ‘Grandparent’s Delight’

Frank Owen discusses the virtues of clients turning RMDs into college savings accounts or blanket inheritance funds for their grandchildren, who will likely face much more broad economic uncertainty than they did or currently do.

Roth Feature in a 403(b) or Governmental 457(b) Plan—What Every Employer (and Financial Advisor) Needs to Know

Carol Gransee writes that adding an upfront-tax option to your clients’ retirement plans is easier than it may seem, and can be a better option for many younger workers.

The Yale Professor Letters: Tempest or Teapot?

Bruce Ashton explains what 403(b) advisors can glean from a survey conducted this past summer about failing 401(k) plans.

Outside of the Box, Outside of the Plan: An Approach for Providing Participant Level Advice

Amy Simonson writes how more Americans than ever are feeling worry about their ability to retire one day, and she discusses how advisors can help them save and grow their nest-egg, starting right now.

It’s time for the Roth Discussion

Now that employers may offer 403(b) Roth options, Ellie Lowder discusses the virtues of doing so.

Eight Myths about Reverse Mortgages

Mike Wyrostek breaks down eight common misperceptions that keep people from utilizing their home's equity with a reverse mortgage.