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Participant/Client Tools

RAC Creates Template RFP for Higher Ed Plan Advisor

The Retirement Advisor Council (RAC) has developed a template for a request for proposal that institutions of higher education can use in searching for advisors for their retirement plans.

Building Retirement from Floor to Ceiling

Richard Ford has five important steps for advisors to consider when they’re figuring out how much money a client will truly need to last them through retirement.

Get the Most out of Social Security…While You Still Can

Social Security is on perilous ground, yet more than half of elderly Americans rely on it for the majority of their income.  Frank Owen discusses how important it is for advisors to be well-versed on the nuances of the program, so they can incorporate that income (or the possible lack of it in the future) into their clients’ retirement plans.

Taking Care of the Future Self

Using examples from two recent psychological surveys about the saving habits of younger people, Dr. Art Markman writes about the ways plan advisors can convince people to save for retirement, even if it is still decades away.

Retiring in a Boom Market

Steven Sullivan explains how plan advisors can keep people from making irrational choices to retire early when the market seems like it has topped out.

An Overview of Retirement Income Strategies

Steven Hanson and Richard Ford break down over a dozen various retirement income strategies, while urging plan advisors to, in most cases, steer their clients away from guaranteed income strategies.

Loans, Loans Everywhere

Michael Webb, the Vice President of the Cammack Retirement Group, discusses the increasing problem of excess loan utilization, and what plan sponsors can do to solve these issues for the clients who have had to borrow more times than they ideally should. Published with permission from Michael Webb.