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Elite Advisor Award Terms and Conditions


The 2019 NTSA Elite Advisor Award will be presented at the NTSA Summit in Tampa, Florida, to be held on January 27-29, 2019. 


The NTSA Elite Advisor Award is an annual member recognition program that has been established to honor advisors who have helped shape best practices in serving clients in the 403(b) and/or 457 retirement industry, as well as to acknowledge their specific accomplishments and/or contributions.

The NTSA Elite Advisor Award recognizes the very best advisor members of NTSA who have done the most to help individual plan participants accumulate assets for retirement. The focus is on advisor best practices for advocacy, leadership, practice management and legacy within the 403(b) and/or 457 retirement industry, directly impacting the ability for Americans to build a successful retirement, especially through retirement plans.  

In addition, the NTSA Elite Advisor Award proclaims to the industry, to the federal, state and local legislatures, and to the public that the NTSA and its advisors — as trained, experienced professionals — are critical to helping Americans in the non-profit sector achieve individual retirement security. 


Information about the nomination and selection process for the 2019 Elite Advisor Award is provided in the Terms and Conditions; click here to access the online nomination form.


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